K-3 Objectives

Familiar with Bible characters and stories
Have a concept of Jesus’ love
Memorize Psalm 23
Know several children’s prayers
Understand basic presentation of the Gospel and forgiveness of sins
Able to forgive others when hurt or offended

Recognize colors–yellow, red, blue, green, orange, purple, black, white, gray, brown, pink
Recognize shapes–circle, square, triangle, oval, rectangle, heart, star
Recognize letters of the alphabet
Recognize own name
Recognize numbers 1-15
Count to 20
Begin writing own name
Know several body parts
Know the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag
Gain phonemic awareness (building block for reading)
Exposed to a variety of books
Acquire a cultivated sense curiosity and love of learning

Interact positively with peers in a group setting
Work as a team with others
Recognize adults, teachers, and child care workers as authority figures
Obey and respect authority figures
Use words not aggression to deal with conflict
Demonstrate ability to control strong emotions without tantrums or outbursts
Take turns and share
Show compassion and respect for others
Independently (or with minimal adult intervention) solve problems in peer relationships

Acquire skills needed for dressing self such as buttoning, zipping, snapping
Experience music and movement as well as finger play to encourage motor development (fine and
gross motor)
Develop pre-writing fine motor skills
Color a picture (not completely inside the lines)
Trace letters or pictures
Begin cutting with scissors
Throw a ball forward
Kick a ball
Hop on one foot
Walk up and down stairs with alternating feet