K-2 Objectives

Listen to Bible stories and learn about Bible characters
Able to pray simple prayers such as a blessing before meals
Have a concept of Jesus’ love
Memorize simple Bible verses

Know primary and secondary colors – yellow, red, blue, green, orange, purple
Know basic shapes – circle, square, triangle
Hold crayon and understand the concept of coloring on a page
Learn about the alphabet
Recognize first letter of own name and a few other letters of the alphabet
Participate to a variety of sensory experiences to develop fine motor (pre-
writing) skills
Listen to and follow one or two command directions
Gain exposure to a variety of books
Acquire a cultivated sense of curiosity and love of learning

Learn to use words and not aggression to deal with conflict
Begin to learn about controlling strong emotions instead of having tantrums
or “melt downs”
Initiate play with other children
Share and take turns
Show respect for others and their property
Obey and respect teachers and other authority figures
Show concern for others
Exhibit independence

Use toilet independently
Exhibit sound health and safety habits such as hand washing
Experience music and movement as well as finger play to encourage motor
development (fine and gross motor)
Learn to walk in a line as a class
Learn how to walk up and down stairs with alternating feet
Hop on two feet
Throw a ball forward
Complete an age appropriate puzzle