Cooking with the Patriots

     I've seen lots of hard work and improvements around campus and I hope everyone shares my excitement as we prepare for another great year. In the coming days, we'll be asking our families and friends to share their favorite recipes with us.

     Of course we want to hear from you first; after all a school cookbook would be just another cookbook without recipes from our students, parents, faculty and staff. I hope Dr. Carden will share his secrets for great pizza and Mrs. Carden will send in her Italian Cake recipe. And who wouldn't love to know Barbara Hallman's cornbread recipe.

     Can't think of anything to take to the quad for the big game? Maybe Sherry Ballard, our Tide tailgating expert, will share a winning dish with us. I heard that John Roberts eats a truck load of muffins everyday...Beth are those muffins homemade or Sara Lee? Show us the recipe!

     For all you other awesome cooks out there, will you share a few of your favorites? We want to pull together recipes that are unique and special to OUR school. We have 56 awesome seniors this year who want to leave a lasting legacy for their class. They will have these recipes published in our very own Patriot Cookbook. Proceeds from the book will help fund their senior trip.

     Each recipe will include the submitter's name, relation to the school, and year of graduation.


Tracy Miles
Derick Miles - Class of 2010

Barbara Pippins
Caleb Pippins-8th Grade
Caitlin Pippins-7th Grade

You'll be receiving more info later. But for now, who has a few moments to submit a great recipe?

To submit your recipe, just click here.

You'll need to enter:
 username: ACA
password: patriot

     Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I'm looking forward to an amazing year!

     Becky Smelley