American Christian Academy
Student Handbook

Attendance Policies


     Attendance at American Christian Academy is a privilege. Therefore, should the administration determine that a STUDENT OR PARENT is not in harmony with the mission, spirit, and purpose of the school, the administration may remove the student from the school.


     Students are learning much more from their school experience than textbook information. They are learning many “life” lessons and developing habits that will either help them or hinder them when they leave American Christian Academy to enter the next phase of their life. Good attendance is essential to good learning. Doing make-up work is always inferior to actual classroom time. Habits of steady and consistent attendance carry over to the work or career world.

     The administration has designed the following attendance policies to teach and reinforce Christian values such as self-discipline, punctuality, consistency, and consideration for others. If a student is absent, it will be classified as either excused or unexcused depending on the cause. BOTH accumulate to impact learning and therefore the grades earned.

     PLEASE READ AND CONSIDER THIS CAREFULLY. Excessive unexcused absences are considered truancy. We are legally responsible to report excessive absences to the authorities at DHR.

High School

     Absences due to personal illness, death in the immediate family, legal quarantine, court subpoena, obtaining a driver’s license or a medical appointment are considered excused. Students should bring in a note explaining absence when they return. If the absences were due to a medical appointment, a notification should be brought to school from the doctor’s office. Students may also obtain an excused absence by presenting a WRITTEN note stating the reason for the absence to the FRONT office. Approved absences would include a college visit, mission trip or educational experience. Students will be permitted to do make-up work for excused absences (see make-up policies below). Please be aware however, that these excused absences can have a detrimental impact on student leaning and over all grade.

     Absences for reasons other than those listed above are unexcused. Hair cuts, changing clothes, getting supplies, or other errands are examples of UNEXCUSED absences, even with a parent’s permission. Work may not be made up for UNEXCUSED absences.

     If the student has a chronic medical condition, a letter from the attending physician describing the condition should be submitted for the student’s records.

     Students involved in interscholastic sports may not participate in that sport (practice or game) on any day they are absent. Students must have attended at least one half of the school day in question. Students who are excessively absent will be removed from extracurricular activities. Students who must leave class for any reason must have the teacher sign their agenda. The pass must state where they are going and the time they left. Students should not interrupt other classes. Students who are present at school and arrive to class 5 to 15 minutes late will be issued 1 demerit. Students who are more than 15 minutes late to class and the reasons are unexcused will be considered to be skipping and issued 3 demerits.

     For planned early dismissal students should bring a note from the parent/guardian stating the reason for checking out and the time the student is to leave. The note should be presented to the front office before school or 1st period. The student will be issued an early dismissal slip which will be shown to the teacher at the time of check out. The student will go to the front office and sign the check out book when they leave. Students who leave campus during school hours without administrative approval or who do not follow proper procedures are considered truant and will receive 6 demerits. While the school does not have authority to keep a student from checking out when the parents have given permission, the school reserves the right to consider the reason “unexcused” and any work missed will not be allowed to be made up.

     Before returning to class, students must present a written note signed by the parent, or a medical verification form to the front office the first day of their return to school. They will obtain an “Admit to Class” pass which is to be presented to teachers of classes missed. Parents may be contacted to verify the contents of the note. Students who have missed a total of 5 consecutive days MUST present a doctor’s excuse for ALL SUBSEQUENT ABSENCES.

     Students are permitted to make up the work missed due to excused absences. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain missed assignments and complete them within 2 days after return to school. After two days or a time approved by the teacher of the class, zeros will be given for work not completed. If tests are scheduled prior to and given the day the student was absent the tests are to be made up the day a student returns to class or at the teachers discretion. Students should make arrangements with the teacher for a test covering material introduced during the excused absence. Teachers will be flexible with students who are trying their best to make up class assignments, missed homework, and tests. If students have missed several days teachers will allow ample time to complete the work successfully. Teachers will not accept make-up work for homework or class work for unexcused absences. Teachers will not administer make-up tests for unexcused absences.

     Everyone has occasions when they are late. Events, unplanned and beyond our control may cause us to be late. However, these events are usually rare. For this reason, we will allow 5 tardies without penalty (medical appointments are excused and not included in the following directives). For some individuals, being late is a habit pattern produced from poor planning and lack of self-discipline. After the first five tardies in a semester, students will be issued a demerit for each tardy. The demerits for being tardy will accumulate to earn detention time and other disciplinary procedures just as other demerits do. If a student is late for any reason the following procedures must be followed. Students who are late should proceed directly to their Homeroom or first period class. The homeroom teacher will change their absence to a tardy. If the student has a doctor’s excuse, the teacher will collect it. At the end of the first period, the attendance sheet with any attached excuses will be sent to the office. If the student fails to bring a doctor’s excuse, he will be issued an unexcused tardy. He will be given 2 days to bring in the doctor’s note to have it changed to excused. Students arriving more than 15 minutes late are considered to have been absent from the class.

Elementary School
     It is extremely important that elementary students develop good attendance habits. Perfect attendance awards are given for those who are present everyday and do not have more than five tardies per semester. Elementary teachers may also reward, on a periodic basis, those students who are consistently punctual. Teachers have the authority to use their system of discipline for excessive tardies.

     Elementary students who arrive at school after 8:00 should come to the office before going to class. Sometimes the teacher may have taken the class out of the room and the student should not be unsupervised as he searches for his class.

     If an elementary student “checks out” during the day for an appointment, his parent or guardian should come to the office. A note should be given to the teacher the morning of the planned “check out” so the teacher will have time to gather homework, notes, books, etc. The office will locate the student and call him to the office. If the student is checking in to class, the parent should bring him or her to the office and escort them to the classroom in case the class is out of the classroom for extracurricular activities.



     Because of our sense of responsibility for the health and safety of our students we ask that students not arrive before 7:30 a.m. or remain after 3:30 p.m. unless they are officially placed in daycare (elementary) or study hall (high school). We provide these services because it is our position that students should be supervised for their protection.

     High school students are not permitted to stay on campus and roam around after school hours. Students should have gotten everything they need from their lockers and be out of the building by 3:00. If they have not been picked up by 3:30 they must report to after school study hall. Students participating in extracurricular activities should report by 3:00 to the person who sponsors the activity. Students in after school study hall will be charged $3.00 a day in order to cover the expense of having someone to supervise them. Students who remain on campus and do not report to study hall become the responsibility of their parents. Students found unattended in the building will be issued 3 demerits.

     Parents of elementary students or the student themselves will tell the teacher if they will be attending Day Care. The child’s name will be place on the Day Care Sheet and the child will be sent to the cafeteria at 3:00. Parents will have to enter the building and pick up the child by signing the ledger. Please refer to specific locations and time schedules as given by the Director of Day Care.